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Ethnic minorities see promising future in Zhejiang

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: September 14, 2021 L M S


Some ethnic minority residents in Xianju county, Zhejiang province, don their unique clothing and pose for a group photo at a party celebrating the upcoming Lunar New Year.  [Photo/IC]

East China's Zhejiang province is currently home to 560,000 permanent residents of ethnic minorities, and its ethnic-minority migrant population stands at 2.81 million.

Each of the 56 ethnic groups in China can be found in the province.

Rural revitalization for the settlements of ethnic minorities has been highlighted by the provincial government in its recent action plan for achieving common prosperity.

The per capita disposable income for the province's ethnic-minority rural residents was 26,500 yuan ($4,110) in 2020, one of the highest among Chinese provinces.

By showcasing the charm of the She ethnic culture, the Jingning She autonomous county in Lishui and many She people settlements across the province now boast thriving tourism and agriculture industries.  

Nearly 300 online stores have been established by ethnic minorities' rural settlements, raking in around 800 million yuan in annual turnover.