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Zhejiang University releases report on corporate social responsibility

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: September 15, 2021 L M S

The Institute for Public Policy of Zhejiang University recently published a corporate evaluation report titled "2021 Social Responsibility Index for China's Stock market-listed Companies".

The institute has published the annual report for eight consecutive years. This year's report covered 3,927 stock market-listed companies and classified them into five grades, from A to E, according to their performance in fulfilling corporate social responsibility (CSR) in the previous year.

The index reflects the major contributions made by listed companies toward China's fight against the COVID-19 pandemic and efforts in building moderately prosperous society and in third distribution, a necessary means of achieving common prosperity, said Professor Cai Ning from the institute.

The company that scored the highest in the CSR index was Jiangsu Shemar Power, a privately-owned electrical equipment manufacturer.

Fuyao Group, a multinational glass manufacturer, was ranked fourth in the index. The company's chairman and founder Cao Dewang is a famous philanthropist in China and was featured in "American Factory", a documentary about how Fuyao's factory in the US state of Ohio brought jobs to unemployed Americans. "American Factory" won the award for best documentary feature at the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony in 2020.

Perfect World Co, a privately-owned video game enterprise, was ranked 15th, the highest among Zhejiang-based companies.

A total of 12 Zhejiang-based companies made it into the nation's top 100 in this year's report, the highest of all Chinese provinces, and up from 7 in last year's report. 

According to Tian Maoli, leader of the experts who compiled the evaluation report, the overall performance of Zhejiang companies in the index has been improving year after year.