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High-quality development of Hengdian to promote common prosperity

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: September 29, 2021 L M S

Common prosperity has been promoted in Hengdian in the city of Dongyang in East China's Zhejiang province with the active involvement of people from all walks of life, such as shop owners, tourists, landlords, factory workers, and film directors.

As the largest film and television production base in China, Hengdian has seen tremendous progress in the development of its film and television tourism industry over the years.

Twenty-five years ago, Xu Wenrong, founder of Hengdian Group, said that the cultural industry should help create a sustainable and prosperous life for future generations. In 2002, a series of products related to film and television tourism were launched and a complete set of supporting service systems for the film and television industry was built, making Hengdian the world's largest film and television live shooting base.

In 2012, Hengdian established the Zhejiang Hengdian Film and Television Cultural Industry Experimental Zone. In 2018, a cluster was established with a construction area of 656,000 square meters, a total area of 6,200 mu (413 hectares), and total investment reaching about 3 billion yuan ($500 million).

As a national 5A-level tourist attraction, the Hengdian World Studios receives nearly 20 million tourists annually. At the end of 2020, Hengdian Film and Television Crew Service Co Ltd received more than 3,200 shooting crews, and more than 68,000 film and television dramas and episodes have been shot there.

Known as "China's Hollywood", the high-quality development of Hengdian World Studios has powered the development of China's film and television industry for more than 10 or 20 years.

The Hengdian film and television cultural industry directly created nearly 123,000 jobs, attracting more than 100,000 aspiring actors registered in the Hengdian World Studios Actors Guild.

Hengdian Group has formed a development strategy of "diversified development and professional management" over the past 40 years. It has been deeply involved in the five major industries of electronics, medicine and health, film and television, cultural tourism, and modern services, helping customers from all walks of life create commercial value and becoming a large and respected private enterprise.

Now, Hengdian Group is home to many high-tech and highly-skilled talent, with 19 national high-tech enterprises, seven academician expert work stations, seven postdoctoral workstations, and six provincial enterprise research institutes.

In 1992, Hengdian Group established the concept of starting a business together and becoming wealthy together. Since 2001, becoming the most socially responsible enterprise has been its mission, with a goal of standardization, institutionalization, and internationalization. Six major industry and finance platforms have been established.

It is the people in Hengdian who have aspired for innovation that lead the informatization and intelligence of the area, according to Qian Yingyi, a renowned economist.

Xu Yongan, president of Hengdian Group, said that Hengdian Group has always prioritized the real economy and the industries involved have been carefully planned for many years by a professional management team, achieving a solid industrial foundation and development pace.

Hengdian Group has always insisted that the development of the enterprise is closely linked to the common prosperity of the people, and pursues the maximization of public interests.

"Enterprises make people rich, and the people support the development of the enterprise. They trust and support each other, which gives Hengdian Group a deep and broad space for development," said Xu.

With the COVID-19 pandemic emerging at the beginning of 2020, Hengdian Group established an epidemic prevention and control leading group as quickly as possible. Donating 22 million yuan to the Red Cross Society of China's Hubei and Zhejiang branches, it also led all its subsidiaries in weathering the epidemic.

A long-term mechanism has also been established by Hengdian Group in rural revitalization, industrial poverty alleviation, and targeted poverty alleviation and was named part of the National Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation in 2021. Nanhua Futures uses the "insurance + futures" new price risk management model to avoid the negative impact of large fluctuations in the price of agricultural products, preventing farmers from falling into poverty.

Hengdian Group's entrepreneurship and investment directly contributed to the transformation of Hengdian from a poor village into a prosperous city, realizing the dream of rural industrialization and urbanization.

Since the mid-1980s, Hengdian Group has invested more than 10 billion yuan in urban construction funds, constructed 87 highways, dozens of bridges, and tunnels, a water plant with a daily water supply capacity of 150,000 tons, and a sewage treatment plant with a daily processing capacity of 50,000 tons. It has also sponsored colleges, high schools, kindergartens, hospitals, airports, etc.

Xu Yongan said that Hengdian's road to common prosperity is defined by breadth, as in benefiting people from all walks of life across the country; depth, as in not only making its employees rich, but also helping ordinary people increase their incomes; and persistence, as in repaying society with the idea of common prosperity for more than 40 years.