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2nd edition of 'Beautiful Zhejiang' Global Short Video Contest concludes

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: January 14, 2022 L M S


Congratulations to the aforementioned winners! Thanks again to all contestants, media correspondents, and audiences who have contributed to the contest. The prizes, trophies and certificates will be mailed to winners of the Comprehensive Awards and Individual Awards, and certificates will be mailed to winners of the Outstanding Organization Awards, International Cooperation Awards and Cultural Communication Awards as soon as possible.

Excellent works will be dubbed and packaged to be immediately broadcast through Zhejiang Satellite TV, ZTV WORLD, ZTV NEWS, China Blue International Media Matrix, China Blue News APP, China-Zhejiang English Website, In Zhejiang English Website, "@Beautiful Zhejiang" Tik Tok account, CCTV APP, Xinhua News, Xinhua APP, Xinhua News Agency mobile app, and other important platforms at home and abroad. They will also be promoted by various media outlet members of the "Important Window" Zhejiang International Communication Alliance, the partner media outlets of Zhejiang's overseas partner cities, China's mainstream commercial video apps, and more.

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