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2022 'Beautiful Zhejiang' episode 23: Life in Qingshan Village

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 2, 2022 L M S

The online exhibition season for the "Beautiful Zhejiang" Global Short Video Contest was recently launched across a wide range of media platforms, including ZTV-World, ZTV NEWS, China Blue, the In Zhejiang website, Xinhua-affiliated websites, as well as our website, which is an English news portal for the province.

'Beautiful Zhejiang' episode 23: Life in Qingshan Village

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Zhu Lijing, Li Yuanting, Jin Yucheng, Yu Manqi (Yuhang District Media Convergence Center)

German designer Chris is passionate about cycling. In early 2017, he and his friends went on a bike trip to Qingshan village in Hangzhou's Yuhang district, where he was amazed with the countryside scenery.

Chris later helped the village transform an old cultural auditorium into a modern library with his friends, and in May 2019, his family moved to Qingshan village.

The nature and culture of rural Zhejiang inspired Chris, and his attitude toward life is influencing village dwellers as well.