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2022 'Beautiful Zhejiang' episode 63: Thousand-Islet Lake, New Trend of Asian Games

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 22, 2022 L M S

The online exhibition season for the "Beautiful Zhejiang" Global Short Video Contest was recently launched across a wide range of media platforms, including ZTV-World, ZTV NEWS, China Blue, the In Zhejiang website, Xinhua-affiliated websites, as well as our website, which is an English news portal for the province.

Episode 63: Thousand-Islet Lake, New Trend of Asian Games

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Ouyang Sheng, Xu Jiangui, Xu Yi, Yang Wenping

The video presents the sceneries of the Red tourism site of Xiajiang village, the Longchuanwan Wetland, lake fish being captured in huge nets, the National Water Sports Training Base, and the venue for the Asian Games in Chun'an county, all of which encapsulate the county's achievements in ecology, culture, economy, and society.