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Dinghai district listed as provincial demonstration in all-for-one tourism

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: April 7, 2022 L M S


Jintang town in Dinghai. [Photo/WeChat account: dhbest]

Dinghai district in Zhoushan, East China's Zhejiang province, has recently been listed among the third batch of provincial demonstration areas for all-for-one tourism, local media reported on April 6.

To date, Dinghai and Putuo districts and Daishan and Shengsi counties – all four district-level jurisdictions in the city – have received recognition from the provincial government for tourism.

With a history of more than 1,000 years, Dinghai district is also one of the first renowned historical and cultural towns on the sea in Zhejiang.

Where to visit in Dinghai:

Nandong Art Valley

Nandong Art Valley, also known as Sun Valley, is an environmentally friendly village where tourists can experience a unique way of life. Thanks to its unique environment and accessibility, it attracts many tourists every year.

In spring, the art valley is filled with colorful wild flowers and bright yellow rape flowers. In addition, visitors can try making green glutinous rice cakes with mugwort leaves, an edible wild herb thought to prevent toxic insect bites.

Cherry Blossom Park

The 60,000-square-meter Cherry Blossom Park is a public park boasting many cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms are only in bloom for a short time and their petals easily blow away with the wind like pink angels dancing with the wind.

The park has a large lawn suitable for picnics and flying kites.

Sanmao's former residence

Sanmao was the pen name of Echo Chen Ping, a Chinese writer and translator from Taiwan whose ancestral residence was built by her grandfather in Chen village, Dinghai district.

Sanmao's former residence, which is now a scenic area, offers local delicacies, Sanmao-themed homestays, as well as literature- and rural sightseeing-themed travel routes. The scenic area is now a permanent site for the Sanmao Prose Prize ceremony.