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Hangzhou rugby fields ready for the 'game of the bravest'

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: April 8, 2022 L M S


A rugby match kicks off at the Cangqian Campus of Hangzhou Normal University to celebrate the approach of the 19th Asian Games. [Photo/hangzhou2022.cn]

A rugby match heralding the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022 recently kicked off at the Cangqian Campus of Hangzhou Normal University, the official rugby venue for the international sporting gala.

Dubbed the "game of the bravest", rugby originated in England from football but is much more intense and exciting than its predecessor. The seven-a-side rugby games, which the Hangzhou Asian Games will follow, have plenty of room for players to showcase their skills and also have higher requirements for mental acuity, physical strength, and speed when compared with the traditional 15-a-side edition.

Each of the seven players have their own roles, such as running forward with the ball, or kicking or holding it for a series of back passes or cross passes. The defensive side can grasp, hold, throw or even collide to block the offensive side from advancing. Points are scored through touchdowns and field goals.

"Many tactics are used during as players must know each other well and use teamwork. Everyone is like a gear in a machine and only when everything works properly can a team score," said Deng Bai, a rugby coach at Hangzhou Normal University.


A rugby player holds a ball in his hand. [Photo/hangzhou2022.cn]