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Tourism booms in Tonglu

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 7, 2022 L M S

Tonglu county in East China's Zhejiang province received 399,200 tourists during the five-day May Day holiday which ended on May 4, according to the Tonglu Bureau of Culture, Tourism, and Sports.

The county generated a tourism revenue of more than 88 million yuan ($13.54 million) during the holiday. Specifically, ticket sales was worth nearly 9 million yuan.

Travels to the countryside was the most popular among visitors. Statistics show that scenic attractions in Tonglu's rural areas welcomed 310,000 tourists and raked in over 75 million yuan in tourism revenue.

Scenic spots staged a myriad of activities to attract visitors during the holiday period.

For example, Jiangnan town rolled out "opera blind boxes" containing Yue Opera clips by famous opera artists. Those who could guess the opera titles got to won attractive rewards.

Over at Yan Ziling Angling Terrace, a renowned scenic attraction in Tonglu, visitors were treated to an immersive tour experience as professional actors played roles including fisherman, scholar and woodcutter in 12 designated places in the scenic spot. These actors also interacted with visitors, making them feel as if they were walking in the legendary Chinese painting Dwelling in Fuchun Mountains.

In addition, the Yaolin Fairyland Scenic Spot staged a wooden crafts exhibition. The artworks featuring elk, fish and mushrooms were highly popular among visitors.