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Striving for common prosperity the Wenzhou way

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: June 14, 2022 L M S


Solar photovoltaic panels coat mountains in Cangnan, a mountainous county administered by Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province. [Photo/66wz.com]

June 10 marks one year since China's central government announced the establishment of a demonstration zone for common prosperity in Zhejiang province.

The zone represents as an important step taken by the nation to tackle unbalanced and inadequate development problems and narrow the gap between urban and rural areas after eradicating extreme poverty two years ago.

One year on, what has Wenzhou, a coastal city in southeastern Zhejiang, achieved in the common prosperity drive?

Steps have been taken to make growth more efficient, push for further reform in Zhejiang's income distribution mechanism, and bridge the urban-rural divide.

For example, the mountainous Taishun county's development model of integrating enterprises and agriculture has turned disadvantages into advantages and enriched the economic and cultural lives of local residents.

The city has also been dedicated to improving the environment for disadvantaged groups by issuing guidelines on creating a child-friendly climate involving the construction of public facilities for mothers and children, travel modals, preschool education, the construction of child-friendly parks, off-campus practice bases, and services for children living in difficult situations.


Children in Wenzhou take part in a cultural livestream. [Photo/thepaper.cn]