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Wenzhou hailed for common prosperity development models

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: June 20, 2022 L M S


A meadow in Taishun is a model in integrating animal husbandry with rural tourism. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

Three development models applied by Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province to achieve common prosperity have recently been awarded as provincial models, local media outlets reported.

Taishun, a mountainous county of Wenzhou, was recognized for reforming the traditional income distribution system via the targeted integration of enterprises and idle rural resources.

For example, with the help of leading enterprises, the idle land in mountainous areas can be transformed from wasteland through land transfer, forest ownership transfer, and proprietary lease of rural houses. The once "hollow villages", referring to rural villages left behind by rural migrant workers working in cities, have also turned into popular tourist destinations.


A panoramic view of Dongtou district. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]

With the blue bay remediation initiative, Dongtou district was recognized for for restoring 40 kilometers of marine ecological corridors, 150,000 square meters of beaches, and 3,000 sq m of seaweed fields.

The friendly environment in the coastal area has hence benefited 17 villages with over 25,000 residents, boosting the creation of 15 star-rated rural homestay villages, which have a total of 539 B&Bs.

Wenzhou was also extoled for enriching local residents' spiritual life by setting up a large amount of city libraries, with the chitectural style featuring Wenzhou elements and book collections based on contemporary themes.


A city library in Wenzhou. [Photo/WeChat account: wenzhoufabu]