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Approachable Asian Games

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: September 21, 2022 L M S

Watch the video to witness the China Goalball Training Base, one of the most accessible venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games. [Video/WeChat account: TheRoadtoHZ2022]

Located next to the ancient town of Tangqi in Linping district, there is a special group of people, who choose to "fight" by ear and listen to the sounds of voices.

They are members of the Chinese goalball team, who are wrapping up training for the Asian Para Games at the national goalball training base.

The men's team, which won silver at the Tokyo Paralympic Games last year, is aiming for gold at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games in October 2023.

Please keep quiet when entering the base, as the sport is designed for people with visual disabilities and with the blindfold on, athletes can only hear the direction and speed of the ball and their ears are their eyes for measuring and calculating the angle and strength of every throw and punt.

Everywhere you go in the venue, there are accessibility facilities that have fully taken into account users' needs. For example, there is an automated voice broadcast system. In addition, the lounges, medical rooms, fields of play and other areas are all equipped with sidewalks especially designed for people with visual disabilities. There are even rest areas for guide dogs.