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Taizhou-made animated film wins CJIFF award

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 26, 2022 L M S


A poster for Master Ji Gong, an animated film about the famous monk Ji Gong. The show premiered nationwide on July 16, 2021. [Photo/taizhou.com.cn]

Animated film Master Ji Gong recently won the Best Animation Award at the ongoing China Film Week of the 35th Tokyo International Film Festival.

Directed by Liu Zhijiang, the same person who directed the animated films Monkey King: Hero is Back and Havoc in Heaven, Master Ji Gong revolves around the life of Ji Gong, an eminent Zen monk who lived during the Southern Song Dynasty (420-479), and the hardships he had to endure.

Born into a respected family, Ji Gong became known by the nickname "Mad Ji" for his eccentricity. Besides being known as the monk who often broke the rules, Ji Gong was also renowned for his generosity to the poor and his kindness that have inspired many people in Taizhou's Tiantai county.

Many scenes in the film were created based on scenic spots in Tiantai county, including Tiantai Mountain Cataract, the Former Residence of Ji Gong, Guoqing Temple, Shiliang Waterfall, and Huading Forest Park.

The film is also the winner of the Best Animation Prize at the 10th Zhejiang Film Phoenix Awards. Initiated in 2007 and presented every three years, the award is the highest accolade filmmakers can win in the province.

Master Ji Gong has also been nominated for the Best Animation at the 34th Golden Rooster Awards and shortlisted for the Best Animated Feature at the 18th China Animation & Comic Competition (CACC) Golden Dragon Awards.