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Imperial Robe, Classic Aria of Wu Opera

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 3, 2022 L M S

The large-scale historical drama "Imperial Robe" begins with Empress Wu Zetian declaring a new dynasty, Zhou, in the Tang Dynasty, and tells the story of her senior years. The imperial robe bestowed on chancellor Di Renjie runs through the entire play. The words she embroidered on the robe are an appreciation of his diligent service to the court, and a motivation for him to lead by example. Plots related to the robe reflect her complicated and sensitive personality. The relationship between the duo has a lot of twists and turns. She is the first female emperor in Chinese history, and he is the people-oriented chancellor. Their efforts lay a solid foundation for the most glorious period in Chinese history, the "Flourishing Kaiyuan Reign Period."

After Di Renjie died of illness at the frontline of the resistance against the Khitan, Wu Zetian climbed Mount Songshan, held the imperial robe, blamed herself, cut her hair, and prayed with sorrow to the heavens, asking, "For the sake of the Great Zhou and the people, please send another great talent like Di Renjie!"