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The Legend of the White Snake - Battle in the Water/Broken Bridge, Classic Wu Opera Highlights

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 4, 2022 L M S

White Snake went to the Jinshan Temple to ask Fahai to release her husband, but failed and was insulted. She and Xiao Qing had no choice, so they turned back the Yangtze River and flooded the temple. Fahai summoned the heavenly soldiers to suppress them. After a cut-throat battle, the pregnant White Snake was defeated. She and Xiao Qing went back to the West Lake in Hangzhou, and met Xu Xian, who fled from the temple. Xiao Qing was so angry that she wanted to kill him. Xu Xian was deeply regretful and begged White Snake for forgiveness. She had mixed feelings, prevented Xiao Qing, and blamed Xu Xian. He made a vow to the god and confessed his love, and the couple reconciled.

Wu Opera characterized by singing and acting may involve a lot of acrobatic fighting, and vice versa. "Broken Bridge" is a typical example. There is a lot of singing and fighting for the three actors and actresses. White Snake and Xiao Qing's snake walk and snake step are a perfect blend of deity and humanity. Xu Xian's many falls are cliff-hangers. Scenes on the stage are so captivating that it is almost like a group sculpture.