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China ends mandatory face masks on public transport

Xinhua| Updated: April 13, 2023 L M S

China issued a new set of guidelines on Wednesday regarding the use of face masks by the general public to prevent COVID-19 infection, stating that it is now no longer mandatory to wear face masks when using public transport.

The guidelines from the joint COVID-19 prevention and control mechanism of the State Council aim to clarify situations and circumstances where people should, can choose to, or may choose not to wear face masks.

People are advised to put on face masks when using public transport and entering supermarkets, movie theaters, and other indoor places with large gatherings.

Individuals have the discretion to choose whether or not to wear face masks in outdoor locations such as public squares and parks. Students are not required to wear face masks at school, according to the guidelines.

However, in certain circumstances, the use of face masks is mandatory. These include when a person has tested positive for COVID-19 or is displaying relevant symptoms, during local outbreaks, and when visiting medical institutions and nursing homes.