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Wang Xizhi

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: May 10, 2023 L M S


Wang Xizhi (303-361), a famous Chinese calligrapher [Photo/sx.gov.cn]

Wang Xizhi (303-361), also known as Yishao, was born in Linyi, Shandong province, and later moved to Shaoxing, Zhejiang province.

Wang was a famous calligrapher in ancient China and was crowned the "Sage of Calligraphy" by future generations.

His most well-regarded work is Preface to Lanting Pavilion Collection.

Commonly considered the best running script in China, the work was produced by Wang on March 3, 353 when he and 41 dignitaries were holding a ritual ceremony in Lanting Pavilion in Shaoxing to pray for blessings. Wang wrote the preface for a collection of poems written at the ceremony.

The preface describes the beautiful scenery surrounding the pavilion, the happiness of the occasion, and the author's thoughts on life.

Wang was not only adept at various styles of calligraphy, but also created a unique style of his own, greatly influencing future calligraphers.


Preface to Lanting Pavilion Collection, commonly regarded as the best running script in China [Photo/sx.gov.cn]