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Lishui holds New Year Goods Festival in Beijing

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 5, 2024 L M S


Products from Lishui, Zhejiang province are presented at the New Year Goods Festival held in Beijing. [Photo/Tide News]

The "Lishui Shangeng" New Year Goods Festival took place in Beijing on Dec 30, 2023. The event is part of the "Lishui products into Beijing" activities, jointly organized by the Lishui Agricultural Investment and Development Group and Lishui's Liaison Office in Beijing.

During the morning's promotional meeting, Lishui's Liaison Office in Beijing presented the achievements in economic and social development in Lishui in recent years. The business representatives and partners of Lishui Agricultural Investment and Development Group in Beijing introduced the "Lishui Shangeng" brand and the goods featured at the festival.

To provide an immersive and experiential understanding of Lishui's culinary delights, an experience and sharing session was organized after the meeting. The 19 dishes from Lishui allowed guests to savor and relish a diverse array of specialty foods. Jinyun Shaobing emerged as the standout favorite.

In the afternoon, a thought-provoking symposium unfolded, where experts and enterprises' representatives conducted discussions and exchanged their views on how to develop Lishui's agricultural products, particularly focusing on how to meet the consumption needs of Beijing.

The event serves as an exceptional platform to bridge cultural differences and foster connections between the markets in Lishui and Beijing. By promoting Lishui's unique agricultural offerings, the event successfully furthered its expansion into the Beijing market.