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Promoting TCM globally

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 19, 2024 L M S


Doctor Wu Binbin introduces TCM treatments to Theresa. [Photo/Tide News]

Recently, the acupuncture department at the Lishui Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Zhejiang province welcomed a group of special visitors with a strong interest in TCM–an enthusiastic Philippine teacher and three international students majoring in nursing at Lishui University.

Doctor Wu Binbin from the acupuncture department patiently introduced them to the traditional techniques and effects of TCM treatments. Following the explanation, the group experienced several traditional treatments, such as acupuncture and cupping.

"TCM is truly amazing," exclaimed Theresa, the teacher, after experiencing acupuncture on her neck. "The next day, when I fell asleep, I felt that my neck wasn’t strained anymore."

Sam, a student from the Republic of Sierra Leone, came to study nursing at Lishui University in 2023 due to his love and admiration for Chinese culture. "The treatment I received was so good. It makes me feel relief," said Sam.

Later, the group learned about the growth and medicinal effects of several medicinal materials local to Lishui, including Dendrobium officinale.

Through their TCM learning and experiences, the group deeply appreciated the power of Chinese medical techniques. The students expressed their passion for systematically studying TCM and sharing their knowledge with people in their home countries.

"Knowing the benefits of TCM and that my friends could benefit from it themselves, especially when dealing with certain diseases, I will certainly recommend it to them," said Sam.