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Small mushroom inspires rural education

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 25, 2024 L M S


Lin Wenfei (on the right) visits a school in Huangtian town, Qingyuan county in Lishui, Zhejiang province. [Photo/Tide News]

"Have you heard of the Sarcomyxa baishanzuensis? It is a new species of mushroom discovered in the Baishanzu National Park," said Lin Wenfei, a native of Huangtian town, Qingyuan county of Lishui, Zhejiang province, while delivering a lecture on mushrooms to a classroom full of captivated students and teachers at the Huangtian Town Central School.

Lin Wenfei serves as the executive deputy director of the Institute of Edible and Medicinal Fungus at the College of Life Sciences, Zhejiang University, as well as the deputy director of the Science Popularization Committee of the Mycological Society of China.

Lin and his team first discovered and named the Sarcomyxa baishanzuensis in Baishanzu National Park in January 2022, after a two-year-long "treasure hunt".

Lin is not only dedicated to research on mushrooms and fungus, but also cares deeply about rural education in his hometown. He has made numerous visits to Huangtian Town Central School, spreading knowledge through lectures and on-site teaching to the teachers and students.

Lin shared, "For decades, I have spent half of each year conducting field surveys. Although it is hard work, I feel passion and love in it. The magical world of mushrooms continues to feed my curiosity about the world." 

With his actions and words as examples, Lin also encourages children to explore all types of scientific and cultural knowledge, while still arousing their interest in mushrooms.

"I want to lead the children into this colorful world and pass on my curiosity to them," added Lin.