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Yiwu gains recognition for one ancient tree park

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: February 6, 2024 L M S


The ginkgo tree at the Ginkgo Cultural Park in Hongfeng village, Dachen town, Yiwu. [Photo/ywcity.cn]

The Zhejiang Forestry Bureau recently announced the second batch of ancient tree cultural parks in the province, including the Ginkgo Cultural Park in Hongfeng village, Dachen town, Yiwu.

In late autumn, the park’s picturesque golden ginkgo trees are commonly photographed by visitors. The Ginkgo Cultural Park offers a leisure space, enhanced surrounding facilities and interactive experiences like making ginkgo leaf bookmarks, tea breaks, and photography.

During the ginkgo viewing season, the park attracts an average of 12,000 visitors daily, generating monthly operational revenue of 200,000 yuan ($27,949.28). This not only offers a new source of income for local villagers but also highlights the symbiotic relationship between ancient tree conservation and rural vitalization.

Over the past year, the Yiwu natural resources and planning bureau has led efforts to establish these cultural parks, conducting comprehensive surveys and assessments of the city's ancient tree resources while exploring their cultural significance.

The Ginkgo Cultural Park not only preserves first and second-level ancient trees like ginkgo, masson pine and hackberry but also enhances public awareness of ancient tree preservation through educational facilities. It offers people a chance to appreciate autumn's beauty and delve into the historical and cultural significance of these ancient trees.