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Night school wave hits Shaoxing

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 6, 2024 L M S

Shaoxing Dance.jpeg

A woman attends a dance class at night in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. [Photo/Tide News]

Shaoxing's youth are embracing a growing night school trend, as community-based courses catered to diverse interests gain popularity, local media reported on Feb 2.

In November 2023, drawing inspiration from the night school trend prevalent in major cities, Cheng Cheng, a post-2000 entrepreneur, successfully launched her venture in Keqiao district.

Her night school offers high-quality courses lasting two to three weeks, accommodating groups of up to six people. It has attracted over 300 students, covering popular topics such as makeup and baking.

The response has surpassed expectations, with participants like Xiao Chen (surname) praising the exceptional experience of a 10-session dance class priced at 400 yuan ($15.35). Reflecting the cultural and spiritual hunger of young people, night schools not only offer growth opportunities but also provide an escape from work pressure, according to Xiao

The surge in night school popularity mirrors the growing desire among young individuals for cultural and spiritual enrichment.

Cities are taking notice and actions. For instance, Hangzhou has implemented policies to establish the "Everyone's Night School – Cultural Museum at the Doorstep" brand, bringing more beloved night schools directly to the public's doorstep.