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Celebrating Lantern Festival in Yiwu

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: February 26, 2024 L M S


Foreign residents solve riddles at the Jimingshan community in Yiwu. [Photo/zgyww.cn]

As the Lunar New Year festivities subside, Lantern Festival brings its own vibrant energy. On Feb 23, the Jimingshan community in Yiwu was buzzing with activity. With handicrafts, intangible cultural heritage experiences, and games, the event offered a diverse array of entertainment options.

Local and foreign residents from Egypt, Kenya, and India gathered to eat tangyuan, watch dragon dances, solve lantern riddles, and experience intangible cultural heritage.

The event served as a testament to the city's commitment to cultural exchange and harmony among its diverse residents. Through the shared experiences of food, performances, and traditional activities, bonds are strengthened, and a sense of unity is cultivated, making Lantern Festival in Yiwu a truly special occasion for everyone involved.


A lion dance performance is held to celebrate the Lantern Festival. [Photo/zgyww.cn]