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Starbucks introduces new lineup featuring Jinhua matcha

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 1, 2024 L M S

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A Starbucks poster showcases the inclusion of Wuyi tea leaves as a key ingredient in one of their new products. [Photo/Tide News]

At a Starbucks store in Hushan Square, Wuyi county, Jinhua, the buzz of excitement filled the air on Feb 28 as baristas whipped up beverages. The surge coincided with Starbucks' launch of their spring-inspired drinks, with one standout featuring matcha sourced directly from Wuyi.

Inside the store, customers eagerly savored the limited-time offerings.

"The delicate matcha flavors perfectly complement the richness of the coffee," remarked a loyal Starbucks patron surnamed Hu. "The refreshing matcha paired with creamy milk latte transports you to the lush tea gardens of Wuyi after a spring rain," he added.

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A Starbucks store in Hushan Square, Wuyi county on Feb 28. [Photo/Tide News]

The partnership between Zhejiang Huashida Tea Co from Wuyi and Starbucks dates back to 2019, when they cooperated across multiple locations in China.

Hu Meijuan, the company's general manager, revealed that they supply Starbucks with over 100 metric tons of matcha annually for beverage production. Additionally, their research and development center in Hangzhou has been contributing to Starbucks' new offerings.

Huashida boasts eight tea rolling production lines and dedicates over 20,000 mu (about 1,333 hectares) to spring tea cultivation.

As Starbucks continues to innovate and collaborate with trusted partners like Huashida, customers can expect more exciting flavors and experiences to savor in their local Starbucks stores.