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Jiaxing University professor recognized among top chemists worldwide

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 14, 2024 L M S


Professor Guo Longhua carries out research at a laboratory. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]

Jiaxing University's Professor Guo Longhua was recently honored as a top global chemist by Research.com in 2024.

As a leader of the university's chemistry department and materials and chemical engineering master's program, Professor Guo's research in molecular recognition materials and sensing technology has significantly impacted the life science, environmental, and food safety sectors.

With over 200 SCI-indexed papers and 60 patents, his work has earned him provincial and ministerial awards for scientific progress. Professor Guo also contributes to the academic community as an editorial board member of several journals and has been recognized as a top talent in Zhejiang province's "151 Talent Project".

Previously, he was also featured in Stanford University and Elsevier's World's Top 2 percent Scientists List for both Annual Scientific Impact Rankings for 2022 and Lifetime Scientific Impact Rankings (1960-2022).

Research.com, known for its reliable scientific contribution data since 2014, bases its rankings on the D-Index, requiring a minimum D-Index of 30 for inclusion. Professor Guo's inclusion on this list underscores his esteemed status in the scientific community. His achievements reflect a global recognition of his dedication to advancing chemical sciences.