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Bridging cultures through tai chi : A tale of friendship, exchange

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 14, 2024 L M S


Cai Guangfu and Chris Hubbard practice tai chi chuan. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]

In a heartwarming tale of cross-cultural friendship and martial arts, Professor Chris Hubbard from Chicago journeyed to Jiaxing, Zhejiang to share his passion for tai chi chuan in a global live broadcast. Alongside Cai Guangfu, a tai chi master and inheritor of the Wujizhuang style, they demonstrated the power of tai chi to nearly 2,000 enthusiasts worldwide.

The event, part of the "Tai Chi Weekly" series, was livestreamed on May 11 across multiple platforms, including WeChat and YouTube, reaching audiences in China, the UK, France, and Belgium. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with the livestream garnering over 120,000 likes.

At 75, Hubbard's visit was his seventh to Jiaxing, where he once served as a visiting professor. His bond with Cai spans over 30 years. In 1989, introduced by a Chinese student, Hubbard learned of Jiaxing's tai chi master - Cai. He sent a letter expressing his eagerness to learn the essence of tai chi from Cai, who warmly responded, welcoming the opportunity to meet.

Hubbard's decades-long deep dive into Chinese culture, from learning Mandarin to studying traditional instruments and cooking, has enriched his understanding of tai chi.

Cai, studying wushu since the age of 13, is renowned for his dedication to promoting tai chi chuan. He has utilized new media to spread tai chi knowledge, producing a video series that has reached 5 million viewers.

With many American universities now offering tai chi courses and the practice's similarities to the popular meditation trend among young people, Hubbard has confidence in the continued promotion of tai chi culture.