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Yiwu launches first app for foreign business, immigration affairs in Zhejiang

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: May 24, 2024 L M S


The Chinese and English versions of user interfaces on the "Yijing" app. [Photo/zgyww.cn]

Yiwu has taken a significant leap in facilitating foreign business and immigration services with the launch of "Yijing", the first app of its kind in Zhejiang province.

Unveiled on May 23, the app simplifies 126 services, including 17 immigration-related procedures such as accommodation registration and visa applications. It also offers value-added services like opening personal foreign exchange accounts and personalized local lifestyle services.

The app's introduction is a testament to Yiwu's dedication to improving the foreign business environment. It has transformed the previously cumbersome process of registering a foreign-funded enterprise, which involved multiple departments and visits, into a streamlined 10-day procedure. This reform is part of a broader initiative that includes foreigners' data sharing among 17 departments and the enhancement of Yiwu's international trade credit system.

Yiwu is also developing a physical immigration affairs service center to provide comprehensive services to foreign merchants, aiming to make them feel more welcomed and at home.

The "Yijing" app is poised to bolster Yiwu's high-quality international trade development and serve as a model for national immigration service reforms, offering a glimpse into the future of Yiwu's global business landscape.