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Wenzhou-Kean University

ezhejiang.gov.cn/Wenzhou-Kean University| Updated: June 7, 2024 L M S


The campus of Wenzhou-Kean University. [Photo/Wenzhou-Kean University]

Wenzhou-Kean University is a collaborative higher education institution established as a province-state friendship project between Zhejiang province in China and New Jersey in the United States.

Approved by the Ministry of Education on Nov 16, 2011, WKU was jointly founded by Wenzhou University and Kean University.

WKU comprises five colleges: the College of Business and Public Management, the College of Architecture and Design, the College of Liberal Arts, the College of Science and Technology, and the College of Education.

Currently, the university has about 220 faculty members from 40 countries and regions. More than 90 percent of the faculty members are foreign nationals, with the majority possessing international teaching backgrounds and doctoral degrees.

In 2023, WKU enrolled approximately 1,100 new students, bringing the on-campus student population to around 4,500.

According to the university's strategic plan, by 2027, WKU aims to have 7,000 students and over 400 full-time faculty members on campus. The university plans to offer 30 undergraduate and graduate programs and expand its campus to approximately 380,000 square meters.