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Vocational college in Hangzhou launches program catering to autistic students

ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: June 28, 2024 L M S


Hangzhou Yanglingzi School. [Photo/WeChat account: hzsylzxx]

Hangzhou's Yanglingzi School and Zhejiang Vocational College of Special Education recently launched an integrated vocational education program for autistic students.

Students will complete three years of high school at Yanglingzi School. After passing a comprehensive assessment, they will advance to Zhejiang Vocational College of Special Education to study Western-style pastry making for two years, ultimately earning an associate degree.

Principal Yu Linya of Yanglingzi School explained that after high school, autistic students often stay at home or in care facilities, struggling to integrate into society. "The students possess certain cognitive and learning abilities. With proper vocational training, they have significant potential to succeed in society."

To accommodate the sensitivity of autistic students to environmental changes, the entire five-year program will be conducted at Yanglingzi School. Both institutions have collaboratively designed the curriculum and training plans, with college instructors teaching specialized courses at Yanglingzi School. During the vocational stage, the focus is on practical skills, while the college stage delves deeper into the profession and enhances overall student competence.

This year, the program has enrolled five students.