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Shaoxing's environmental quality continues to improve

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: July 3, 2024 L M S

Shaoxing in East China's Zhejiang province recently released the "Shaoxing 2023 Ecological Environment Status Report".

The report indicates that the water quality of the main rivers in Shaoxing is excellent, meeting all the functional requirements for water bodies. The water quality compliance rate for the city's eight county-level and above centralized drinking water sources reached 100 percent.

Monitoring results for 109 indicators across these eight sources showed that basic, supplementary, and specific project indicators were all within standards.

In 2023, Shaoxing's air quality met the national secondary standard requirements. The city experienced 136 days of "excellent" air quality and 209 days of "good" air quality. Among the six common pollutants, the annual average concentration of fine particulate matter, a major public concern, was 28 micrograms per cubic meter, remaining unchanged from the previous year. Additionally, ozone and carbon monoxide concentrations showed a year-on-year decline.

The average daytime regional environmental noise level was 55.1 decibels, a decrease of 0.7 decibels compared to the previous year. The average road traffic noise level was 66.1 decibels, indicating an overall "good" level. The daytime noise compliance rate in functional areas was 94.12 percent, while the nighttime compliance rate was 78.2 percent.