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Restaurants featuring Wenzhou specialties

ALMS|Updated: August 24, 2021

Wenzhou's more traditional locals prefer their food with a mild and subtle taste, especially seafood, which they prepare most often in just one way – steaming – in order to preserve the originality of the fresh ingredients.

To some extent, the pace of life and population mobility of modern times has diluted the food tradition of Wenzhou – by adding more unconventional cooking styles and flavors, for instance spices from Sichuan province and desserts from foreign countries.

Basically nowadays, you can have all kinds of choices of foods and cuisines from different geographical regions.

Here we only recommend a few of Wenzhou's restaurants that mainly focus on the city's traditional cuisines. For the others, you'll have to go on that adventure yourself.

Dynasty Hotel

Style: Mild and subtle, with a loyalty to the ingredient's original taste, so not much seasoning is added.

Featured cuisine: Exquisite Zhejiang provincial and Wenzhou specialties; buffet offered both for lunch and dinner.

Address: No 2 Minhang Road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-88378888

Tian Yi Jiao

Style: Most of the cuisine is sweet, or a little salty while lacking a spicy kick. If you want to have some spicy food, that can be ordered too.

Featured cuisine: The restaurant has nearly all the local delicacies, including the staple dishes, desserts, soups, beverages etc. Food is cheap and served buffet-style, so you don't have to wait.

Address: No 71 Xueyuan Middle Road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-88158888

Vistoria Grand Hotel

Style: Exquisite Cantonese Dim Sum, marked by normally mild yet distinctive flavors for each dish.

Featured cuisines: Cantonese tea restaurant during lunch time; Chinese feast for dinner.

Address: No 320 Ma'anchi East Road, Lucheng district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-88278888

Deerle Hotel

Style: While also featuring seafood, the restaurant has a creative way of handling its ingredients. A mixture of diverse cooking styles, representing various tastes from other regions in China, combines with and adjusts to the preferences of Wenzhou locals.

Junyao Subbranch

Address: No 733 Chezhan Avenue, Lucheng district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-88098788

Xinqiao Subbranch

Address: 1st-4th Floor, Geology Tech Building, No 199 Zhanqian Road, Xinqiao town, Ouhai district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-88567788

Nantang Subbranch

Address: Building 4, Nantang Street, Ouhai district, Wenzhou

Tel: +86-577-81298888

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