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Ipswich, Australia

ALMS|Updated: August 26, 2021

Date of establishment of sister city relations with Wenzhou: April 2011

The city of Ipswich is located in South East Queensland, Australia, and had an area of 1,089 square kilometers and a population of more than 232,000 as of March 2021.

There are 115 different nationalities and 84 different languages represented in the Ipswich area, which celebrates cultural diversity.

The city has a pleasant climate throughout the seasons and beautiful greenery with over 500 city and natural parks to suit the various recreational needs of its residents.

Ipswich is also renowned for its architectural and cultural heritage. Signature events include horse races and golf competitions that take place every year.

Ipswich has a diverse economic base that includes information technology, finance, insurance, property and business services, manufacturing, wholesale, retail sales, education, medicine, and community service. Manufacturing and retail are its most important industries.

Ipswich's business community is full of vitality and is able to provide all sorts of employment and investment opportunities. Ipswich contributes 43 percent of industrial land in Queensland.

The city is home to two comprehensive universities, University of Queensland and University of Southern Queensland, the vocational training provider Bremer Institute of TAFE, and a wide array of public schools.

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