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Wenzhou city's first foreign children's school opens

ALMS|Updated: September 8, 2021


The opening ceremony of the Wenzhou Union International School is held in Wenzhou on Sept 6. [Photo/]

The Wenzhou Union International School on Sept 6 held its opening ceremony – in the port and industrial city of Wenzhou, in East China's Zhejiang province – becoming the first foreign children's school established in the metropolis.

The first group of eight students, who will be taught in the English language, will take subjects including maths, reading, science, painting and education.

Kids from the United States, Canada, Tunisia, Iraq and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region were enrolled. 

The school currently has seven teachers, including foreign teachers from the United States and Canada.

"As a parent, I have always been worried about how to handle my children's education. Thanks to the international school, I can concentrate on my scientific research without worries," said Imen Hassairi, a professor with the Wenzhou-Kean University, whose two children will study there.

The international school is open to the children of expats in grades 1-8 who are legally resident in Wenzhou and surrounding areas.

It is also available to residents of the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, as well as to children of Chinese citizens who settled abroad in accordance with the law, said a teacher.

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