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Mandarin TV extends coverage to Europe

ALMS|Updated: November 19, 2021


Programs produced by Mandarin TV start airing in all European countries on Nov 8. [Photo/]

Mandarin TV, a bilingual Chinese and French TV channel founded by Chen Shiming, an overseas Chinese with Wenzhou origins, saw its programs being aired from only in France to the whole of Europe on Nov 8.

The TV channel also changed its name to Europe TV.

The launch ceremony was attended by nearly 300 people from French political and business circles, Chinese and overseas Chinese in France, entrepreneurs, and representatives of Chinese and French media.

Lu Shaye, the Chinese Ambassador to France, said that Europe TV, which is the first Chinese TV station to obtain an audiovisual license in France, has played a key role in deepening mutual understanding and promoting friendship between China and France. The reason behind Europe TV's progress was mainly due to its adherence to objectively show the real China to the French and European people.

Chen Shiming, chairman and founder of Europe TV, looked back on the development of the TV station and said he is glad to see that it has become a bridge between the two nations and a channel that promotes Sino-French friendship and diversified exchanges.

Europe TV was founded in France in 2005. Starting from Dec 14 this year, the TV channel will have its programs beamed to 135 million households in more pan-European countries. It has reached cooperation deals with Chinese language media agencies in the United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany and will continue to seek more partners in Spain, Hungary, Russia, and Albania.


Chen Shiming, chairman and founder of Europe TV, speaks at the launch ceremony. [Photo/]

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