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Young expats explore 'A Journey of Modern Marco Polo' in Wenzhou

ALMS|Updated: November 25, 2021


Creators prepare for the launch ceremony of A Journey of Modern Marco Polo on Nov 25. [Photo/Wenzhounese APP]

The second season of the highly-anticipated video series Meet Wenzhou started shooting in the eastern Chinese city on Nov 25, local media outlets reported.

Titled A Journey of Modern Marco Polo, the second season will feature a group of young people from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative as well as from Wenzhou's sister cities across the world, capturing how they follow the footsteps of Italian explorer Marco Polo and open their own chapters in Wenzhou.

Following the brisk tone of the first season, the second season will attempt to deconstruct Wenzhou's history and modern aspects through foreigners' eyes and in an interactive and story-like manner. It will be aired in July 2022. The first season, which was aired in 2018, focused on Styria, a sister state of Wenzhou located in southeastern Austria.

The video series is produced by the Information Office of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, the Wenzhou bureau of culture, radio, film and tourism, the Wenzhou municipal government foreign affairs office, Wenzhou Medical University, and Wenzhou media and television group.


A foreigner walks ashore from a black-awning boat. [Photo/Wenzhounese APP]

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