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Nightlife in Lucheng

ALMS|Updated: December 10, 2021

[Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Editor's note:

Lucheng district in downtown Wenzhou is a hub for many overseas Chinese in China. The district currently has about 88,700 overseas Chinese and 52,000 returned overseas Chinese from 133 countries and regions. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and promote Lucheng's urban development, the Lucheng District Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese launched a bilingual video series themed "The Developments of Lucheng in Overseas Chinese's Eyes" to show the district's achievements in economic, daily life, and cultural construction through the perspectives of overseas Chinese. The videos have been broadcast internationally through the bilingual media cluster of the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center. The title of this episode is "Nightlife in Lucheng".

Lucheng in Wenzhou is full of surprises. In the day, the district is reminiscent of an ancient city with endless literary charms and picturesque landscapes. Come nightfall, Lucheng's dynamism and energy comes to the fore.

In this episode, Ye Jiwei, an overseas Chinese who returned from Brazil, and Sun Zhengxiao, who returned from the United Arab Emirates, have been invited to experience the vibrant nightlife in Lucheng.

The Xiaoba Block in downtown Wenzhou features the original architectural style of the old town and has created a new way of living that has proved popular among the young people.

Ye, the owner of a house on the block, tells Sun the story of Xiaoba Block's transformation from an old residential area into a cultural and creative spot.

They also visit Nantang, which is known as the "living room of Wenzhou". Sun and Ye then get to experience the light show at Bailuzhou Park before taking a boat ride on the Tanghe River. They round off their trip by sampling local delicacies from food stalls in Binjiang.

Wenzhou has in recent years been striving to position itself as a "sleepless city". To achieve this, Lucheng district has conceived a new development pattern for the nighttime economy which revolves around tours, shopping, food and education. This combination of business, travel, culture entertainment and sports is expected to spruce up the beautiful night views of Wenzhou.

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