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New series highlights foreigners' New Year experiences in Wenzhou

ALMS|Updated: February 7, 2022

Learn about Alex Absolute's Chinese New Year experiences in Siqian town, a She ethnic minority inhabitation. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Daka China, Say Tasty Zhejiang, a new video series produced by the Wenzhou Overseas Media Center, was aired during the Spring Festival.

The series showcases foreigners' New Year experiences in Wenzhou.

The first episode features Alex Absolute, a British native who took part in several folk activities to mark the Spring Festival in Wenzhou's Siqian town, which is inhabited by the She ethnic minority people.

In the town's Aoling village, Absolute learned how to make local Spring Festival delicacies including niangao, or rice cakes, and tofu, or bean curd. He also visited Liguang village and sampled the locally renowned pastry cake pobing, before learning how to operate marionettes.

The series can be accessed through more than 20 media platforms including Xinhua News Agency, the official English websites of In Zhejiang, the mobile apps of Tianmu News and Wenzhou Daily, the official English website of Beautiful Wenzhou, the Spanish portal website of Sapo, the Huaren Toutiao portal for overseas Chinese in Europe, and the Seagull Eye overseas social media platform.

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