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Foreign professors take an authentic bite of Chinese New Year in Wenzhou

ALMS|Updated: February 8, 2022

Learn more about Professor Mohammad Noman and Jahirul Mullick's Chinese New Year celebrations in Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province. [Video provided to]

Mohammad Noman and Jahirul Mullick, two foreign professors at the Wenzhou-Kean University who chose to stay put for the Chinese New Year, recently visited Longwan district to experience the big festival.

Siqian Street, which boasts a history of over 800 years as the political, cultural, and economic center of ancient Longwan, was their first stop. They learned about the history of Siqian street and several folk customs for the Spring Festival, and tried their hands at writing the Chinese character fu (meaning "fortune" or "good luck") on a piece of squared red paper.

The professors also sampled and tried making sponge cakes, an important snack during Spring Festival celebrations that carries people's hope for better lives in the New Year.

"It was my first Chinese New Year in Wenzhou and it was really fun. The sponge cake is the best cake I've ever tasted and I hope that all my friends can try it too," said Professor Mullick.

"The Chinese New Year flavors I've tried today have brought me a warm and joyful feeling," said Professor Noman.

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