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29 Wenzhou brands named Zhejiang famous exports

ALMS|Updated: February 28, 2022


A digitalized workshop of CWB Automotive Electronics Co, an enterprise based in Yueqing city in Wenzhou, Zhejiang province. [photo/]

Twenty-nine companies in Wenzhou were recently conferred the 2021 Famous Zhejiang Export Brand title, local media outlets reported.

CWB Automotive Electronics Co, an automobile electronics and electronic connectors manufacturer based in Yueqing city, Wenzhou, won the honor for the first time.

"Faced with the ever-changing international trade and investment environment in recent years, we have been focusing on technological innovation, strengthening our brand value, and striving to become a top supplier in the global automotive industry. Our products are now recognized by the market and our export share has been growing steadily," said Chen Xiqiang, head of the company.

"The new title will help us enhance the competitiveness of our products and become a new advantage in trade competition."

The Wenzhou commerce bureau has been working to cultivate famous export brands in recent years. A total of 67 local companies have earned the title to date.

The titles, issued annually by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, evaluates companies based on their scientific and technological innovation, production internationalization, market sales and consumer recognition, share in the global market and intellectual property protection.

This year, the title was conferred to 346 brands, of which 111 were first-time winners.

The total number of companies in Zhejiang that have received this honor currently stands at 890.

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