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China Eye Valley to be global center for ophthalmic health

ALMS|Updated: April 20, 2022

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↑This is the second episode of Eye Valley Express. All you want to know about China Eye Valley is available here. We look forward to sharing details on the progress of China Eye Valley with you!


China Eye Valley is targeted at growing into an international center for ophthalmic health sector. [Photo by Xiang Shaoxiong/provided to]

Located at the heart of the Wenzhou Sci-tech Innovation Corridor, surrounding Daluo Mountain, the China Eye Valley that is currently partially under construction will cover 3.43 square kilometers upon completion, 1 sq km of which is designed to be the core area. Seizing the opportunities brought about by the internet plus, biomedicine and new materials sectors – and relying on such high-end innovation platforms as the Wenzhou Institute of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Oujiang Laboratory – China Eye Valley is expected to become a global center for ophthalmic health.

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