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School-government overseas media center opens in Wenzhou

ALMS|Updated: July 1, 2022


Ouhai district and Wenzhou University's School of Foreign Studies co-unveil an overseas media center on June 30. [Photo/]

Ou Hi, an overseas media center co-run by Ouhai district and Wenzhou University's School of Foreign Studies, was unveiled on June 30, local media outlets reported.

It was the first overseas media center in the city conceived via school-government cooperation.

The center aims to deepen cooperation between the two sides, share advantageous resources, and achieve mutual complementarity so as to enhance Wenzhou's city image.

It will invite overseas promotional officers to explore the scientific and cultural resources of Ouhai district, organize various volunteer services, cultural exchanges, folk custom experiences, and scientific and technological activities. The center will also carry out short video shoots and promote them on various overseas media platforms.

Ouhai district, which sits in the western corner of Wenzhou, is home to a variety of time-honored cultures, including Daluo Mountain Culture, Tanghe Culture, and Qijun Culture. It is also home to the only university town in Wenzhou, consisting of nine of the city's 11 colleges.

Wenzhou University currently has over 120 international students, and its School of Foreign Studies attracted a number of foreign experts and students to establish an overseas promotional team in 2021.

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