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Decoding nightlife cultures in Wenzhou and Gwangju

ALMS|Updated: August 10, 2022

Watch the video to learn about the nightlife cultures in Wenzhou and Gwangju, South Korea. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

A city's temperament and rhythm of life are hidden within its wonderful nights. When night falls, the hustle and bustle of daytime is replaced with a soothing nighttime atmosphere.

In this video, we will follow in the footsteps of a South Korean who currently lives in Wenzhou and a Chinese student studying in Gwangju, South Korea, to learn about the rhythm of the two cities.

There are multiple ways Wenzhou locals enjoy spending their evenings, such as going shopping at malls, having dinner at the Xiaoba Block downtown, and taking night tours on the Oujiang River.

The South Korean said that compared with the dynamic nightlife in her hometown, the nightlife in Wenzhou makes her feel peaceful and comfortable.

The Chinese student Wang Xuehan was at first a little shocked by the dynamic nightlife in Gwangju but later got used to it. People there not only like meeting for drinks at bars, but also like eating barbecue and chugging beer on the street every evening. Afterward, they usually go to a lawn for a picnic. It could be said that the city never sleeps.

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