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Taishun lounge bridge builds China-US cultural ties

ALMS|Updated: August 31, 2022


The wooden lounge bridge model handmade by master Ji Tianyuan is donated to Kean University in New Jersey, the United States. [Photo/]

Wenzhou-Kean University in East China's Zhejiang province recently donated an exquisite handmade lounge bridge model to Kean University, New Jersey, the United States, local media outlets reported.

The model is expected to help promote the craftsmanship of wooden arch bridges in Kean University and further advocate the time-honored craft and culture around the globe.

Taishun, a mountainous county in Wenzhou, is best known for its large number and variety of lounge bridges.

Wenzhou-Kean University joined with Taishun county last year to establish an off-campus practice base for students from the schools of architecture and design.

"Teachers and students from Wenzhou-Kean can visit and study the architectural culture of ancient lounge bridges in Taishun,so as to better protect and pass on the lounge bridge culture," said the director of the base.

The exquisite craftsmanship of Taishun wooden arch bridges led to the craft being inscribed on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list in 2009.

The lounge bridge, also known as the gallery bridge, has covers that can shade it from the sun and rain. The bridge is also used as a place of rest and gatherings. There are several variations to the bridge, including wood arch ones, stone arch ones, wooden flat ones, and pavilion style ones.

Wooden arch bridges are mostly found in the mountainous border areas of Fujian and Zhejiang provinces, especially in Zhejiang's Taishun and Qingyuan counties, which are known as "The home of China's lounge bridges". More than 100 ancient lounge bridges still exist today.

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