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Tajik man immersed in Mid-Autumn customs in Wenzhou

ALMS|Updated: September 14, 2022

Follow Alisher as he explores the ancient customs of Cangnan residents during the Mid-Autumn Festival. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month every year, is one of the most anticipated festivals for Chinese people.

An ancient poet once wrote: "The charm of the Mid-Autumn Festival is contained in the vast moonlit night, the magnificent scenery that stretches for thousands of miles, and its rich traditional festival customs."

In this episode, Alisher, a Tajik who currently lives and works in the coastal city of Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province, went on a "moon-chasing" journey in the mountainous county of Cangnan.

According to folklore experts, in ancient Wenzhou people generally worshiped a celestial being on the moon, commonly known as "Moonlight Buddha".

Every Mid-autumn Festival, a moon worship ritual was held, during which the placement of mooncakes was very particular: a large mooncake should be placed in the middle of the round table and a goldfish bowl laid on top of it, symbolizing "receiving wealth". Ten mooncakes of different sizes were also set around it. When the moon rises, people ate the mooncakes while praying to the celestial being.

"This distinctive traditional culture not only enriches Wenzhou residents' lives, but also attracts many foreigners like me," said Alisher.

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