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Somali man enjoys culture of She ethnic minority

ALMS|Updated: September 19, 2022

Watch the video to learn about the culture of the She ethnic minority in Cangnan that has lured the heart of Warsame. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Have you ever experienced the bamboo pole dance of the She ethnic minorities in Wencheng county, Wenzhou, East China's Zhejiang province?

In this episode, Warsame, a Somali native who currently lives and works in Wenzhou, will take you to the She ethnic minority localities in Cangnan, learning about She people's nursery rhymes and exploring the history and culture hidden in the rhymes.

Warsame's exploration of the She ethnic minority culture began with himself learning to sing She people's nursery rhymes and trying bamboo pole dance.

Warsame said that the She people's beautiful lyrics, melodious tunes, and cheerful and rhythmic dance steps got him totally immersed in the colorful culture. He said he appreciates the She people's positive life attitude, which was characterized by singing and dancing.

"I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to visit the She ethnic minority township and experience its charming culture. It's absolutely a precious asset. I yearn for such a beautiful and warm life full of singing," Warsame said.

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