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China-Europe freight trains serve domestic produce market

ALMS|Updated: September 29, 2022


The freight trains arrive at the Wenzhou West Railway Station on Sept 28 with 50 40-foot containers of over 1,300 metric tons of barley. [Photo/]

The first China-Europe freight trains departing from East China's Wenzhou for Europe returned from Kazakhstan with 50 40-foot containers carrying over 1,300 metric tons of barley on Sept 28, local media outlets reported.

The trains first arrived at the designated port of Alataw Pass for clearance and then headed to Yueqing Bay and Wenzhou West railway stations. Wenzhou Customs will handle the follow-up supervision of the imported grain.

The freight train service, offering a new railway channel between Wenzhou and Kazakhstan, will be put into regular monthly operation.

In recent years, the China-Europe freight train service has helped boost the city's foreign trade development.

Statistics show that as of Sept 23, the service had benefited 943 Wenzhou enterprises with 9,635 TEU of goods, valued at a total of $340 million.

"The freight train opened a two-way channel between foreign produce and the domestic market. It also enlarged the business map and category between Wenzhou and areas involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, greatly enhancing the efficiency and capacity of China-Europe freight trains," said an official from the Wenzhou commerce bureau.

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