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US professor experiences neighborhood canteen in Lucheng

ALMS|Updated: November 2, 2022

Watch the video to explore the neighborhood canteen in Lucheng district with Kimberly, an American associate professor at Wenzhou University. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

"Zan Jow He" is a commonly used phrase meaning "good job" in Wenzhou dialect.

In this video, Kimberly Koll-Zhu, an associate professor from the United States who currently works at Wenzhou University, will visit downtown Lucheng district and explore how the local government is doing a "Zan Jow He" in improving people's wellbeing.

As a foreign volunteer who actively devotes herself to public welfare in her spare time, Kimberly was interested in a neighborhood canteen she had been referred to by her partners in recent days.

"I've heard that the canteen caters to senior citizens and has won wide praise, so I decided to come by and check it out," Kimberly said.

The neighborhood canteen, which was proposed by the Lucheng government, targets senior citizens aged at or over 70, empty-nest elderlies, and other people struggling with their daily lives. Every meal set costs only five or 10 yuan ($68.3 cents or $1.36), and over 50 local enterprises have donated a generous amount of funds totaling 20 million yuan. The canteen's average visitor flow exceeds 100 per day. It creatively satisfies people's basic living needs and enhances their sense of gain and happiness.

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