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'New' Lucheng fashion in Katrina's eyes

ALMS|Updated: November 23, 2022

Watch the video to learn about Katrina's life in Lucheng district, Wenzhou. [Video/Wenzhou Overseas Media Center]

Editor's Note: Lucheng is in the center of Wenzhou and has a large number of natives living overseas. Currently, there are about 88,700 Lucheng natives and 52,000 of their relatives living in 133 countries and regions.

Last year, Lucheng launched a series of bilingual videos on its development through the perspectives of overseas returnees. This year, the series focused on common prosperity.

In the video, we will follow Katrina, who returned to Lucheng after completing her education overseas and brought coffee culture back to her hometown.

"In my opinion, coffee is not just a drink. It represents an attitude towards life. In my years of studying and living abroad, I was fascinated by the vibrant coffee culture. The rich aroma of coffee brought me a sense of happiness," Katrina said.

She opened the Greeny Coffee shop with like-minded friends in Lucheng, hoping that people in her hometown would experience the feelings of comfort and freedom that coffee brought her.

Lucheng is a place full of interesting people. Young people like Katrina are constantly innovating and bringing new energy to the district.

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