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Longgang-made products build anticipation for World Cup

ALMS|Updated: November 24, 2022


Inflatable sticks manufactured by Zhejiang Tangwind Crafts Co in Longgang, Wenzhou. [Photo/]

Inflatable sticks are invigorating an industry worth billions of dollars every year, Wenzhou Daily reported.

Was it not for the flourishing printing industry in Longgang, a county-level administered by Wenzhou in East China's Zhejiang province, Zhu Zhenhua would never have begun making inflatable sticks and selling customized products around the world.

As boss of Zhejiang Tangwind Crafts Co in Longgang, Zhu started selling tailored inflatable sticks at various international sporting events in 1999, and this year's Qatar World Cup is no exception. Since June, the company has exported over 1 million sets of inflatable sticks to the Middle Eastern country.

"Sponsors and supporters can print their logos on the inflatable sticks, which are about 60 centimeters long and 10 centimeters wide. The sticks can help them with marketing while also creating metallic sounds to enhance the festive atmosphere," Zhu said.

"Our tailored products have also appeared at the Beijing Olympics, London Olympics, Brazil World Cup, and Russia World Cup," Zhu added.

He owes his business success to Longgang's strong printing industry and his own pursuit of innovation.

Statistics show that Longgang is now home to 842 licensed printing enterprises, who together have created an industry with an annual output value of over 15 billion yuan ($2.1 billion). Advanced printing technologies and integrated services have secured the city's edge.

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