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Intl students share their Wenzhou stories

ALMS|Updated: January 12, 2023


International students attend the sharing session on Jan 11. [Photo/]

Three international students from Wenzhou Medical University shared their Chinese stories at the city cultural community on Jan 11, local media outlets reported.

Stephen Akiti, a Ghanaian PhD student who has been studying in China for 10 years, shared the changes he has witnessed in urban and rural China over the past decade. Akiti was recommended by the Ghanaian Ambassador to China and awarded the Chinese government scholarship to study at Wenzhou Medical University.

Shagul Bakyyeva from Turkmenistan is a junior student. She said her interest in China came from her mother, who worked for the country's Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

"I enjoyed my new identity as a cultural promoter in Wenzhou. I was also glad to see more and more people in my country learning Chinese and interested in learning about China," said Bakyyeva. "That has inspired me to record my experiences in China and share them with people across the world."

The students are members of the New Marco Polo Information Group, which was initiated in December 2021 and consists of international students from Wenzhou Medical University. The information group has carried out more than 50 events, attracting over 2,000 on-site participants and more than 1 million online participants.


Stephen Akiti, a Ghanaian PhD student, shares his Chinese story with international students. [Photo/]

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